Journal - NBA All-Star Weekend LA 2011

I am a HUGE basketball fan.  The amount of statistical knowledge I possess pertaining to the NBA is borderline ridiculous and stems from many years of playing Fantasy Basketball with my boys.  I think the league is in a great state right now with so many exciting young players and teams full of superstars.  Needless to say I was pumped that All-Star was going to be in LA for 2011.  I went to Phoenix in 2008 and had a blast due to some great hosts and friends. All-Star weekend is always a crazy four days.  There are countless parties...some of them cool and some of them lame (i.e. asking for a $100 cover charge to get into a party hosted by Ray-J and Biz thanks).  I also had a buddy in town this year who told me that the cover to get into Kobe's Nike Party at Drai's in Hollywood was $500!

I was fortunate to go to a "cool" party on Thursday February 17th for Sportie LA/SLAM Magazine Block Party.  For those non-LA folks, Sportie LA is a sick sneaker store with a huge selection of fresh kicks (I would still say that even if they didn't give me some free shoes at the event, and yes I do have a slight sneaker problem).  The party was hosted by Rick Fox...Tar Heel!  I was introduced to Rick and immediately we struck up a 15 minute conversation about the Heels basketball team and how excited we both were about how they are playing right now and their chances in March.  Rick is producing a new web series for HP and needs music for the show...fingers crossed.  It is always refreshing to meet someone and have them fully live up to expectations.  Rick Fox is the man!

I actually laid  low the rest of the weekend but was able to brave the torrential downpours to watch the Dunk Contest with some friends at Dillon's on Hollywood and Vine.  It ended up being an entertaining contest with some creative dunks.  Even though I thought he could've done more, Blake Griffin is one of the sickest athletes on the planet.  It is crazy when you see a guy consistently outshine everyone else, especially when "everyone else" is the best players in the world.  Check out this compilation of some of his best, jaw-dropping dunks this year...enjoy!

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