Journal - Sundance 2011 "I Melt With You" Premiere

So here it first blog entry.  My goal with this is to provide interesting and informative insight into what makes me tick, my likes and dislikes, and my experiences in pursuing my dream of music.  I hope you enjoy. For the first time since moving to Los Angeles in 2007 I made the trip to Park City, Utah last week for the Sundance Film Festival (history of Sundance).  It seems as if everyone in LA goes every year to check out the best new independent films, snowboard or ski, and party with celebrities and the locals in this amazing ski village.

Aside from the fact that Sundance is a great destination in general, my main motivation this year was a personal connection to Mark Pellington's (more info on Mark) film "I Melt With You" starring Jeremy Piven, Rob Lowe, Thomas Jane and Christian McKay.  I have gotten to know Mark this past year and really connected with him on a musical level.  He is truly a music video icon, directing such classics as Pearl Jam's "Jeremy", U2's "One", and most recently Michael Jackson and Akon's "Hold My Hand" as well as a number of feature films.  He and I will be working together to shoot a video for my first single "After The War (feat. superbeautiful)".  In addition to this connection, two of my best friends, Ryan Harry and Ben Good make appearances in the film.

Needless to say, all of these factors provided the perfect excuse for the three of us to make the 12 hour road trip from 75 degree and sunny LA through some truly awe-inspiring mountainous landscapes to 20 degree and snowy Park City.  After hitting the town on Tuesday night and Wednesday afternoon, it was finally time for the official Cast Party Pre-Dinner at the Bing Lounge.  A great dinner gave way to the Premiere of "I Melt With You" at the nicest theatre in Park City, The Eccles.  Ryan and Ben played the role of their own publicists and got on the red carpet with the other actors in the film as over 400 people rushed into the theatre to get first come, first serve seats.

"I Melt With You" is an unapologetically dark film centering on four 44 year old men that take a yearly trip to Big Sur California to escape from their lives and problems.  Their failure, disappointment and regret give way to a bender full of drugs and alcohol that is set to a frantically paced soundtrack of timeless rock n' roll songs.  The performances of the actors are being called by many as the greatest of their careers.  Because of the polarizing nature of the film, it has gotten rave as well as bad reviews.  The day of the premiere Magnolia Pictures acquired the US theatrical rights to the film (IndieWire article).  This was obviously great news for everyone involved in the film and will guarantee US distribution of some sort.

We were up late partying back the Bing Lounge for the after-party with the cast and crew and left the next morning (Thursday) at 10am.  11 hours later we were back in LA...23 hours of driving for two nights and one day in Park City.  Well worth the time and energy...