Journal - March Madness

This is the best time of year in sports.  Nothing can compare to the drama and excitement of the NCAA tournament.  Being a UNC Grad and a huge Tar Heel basketball fan, I am fortunate to pull for a squad that is almost always relevant (let's forget about last season) at this time of year. I have been lucky to be a part of two National Championships in the last six years (2005 & 2009).  The 2009 National Championship game is extra special because of the circumstances that led me to watching the Tar Heels bring home the title with my close friends in Chapel Hill, NC.

In the Spring of 2009, at the suggestion of one of my fellow Tar Heels buddies, I made a spoof of Katy Perry's song "I Kissed A Girl" entitled "I Kissed A Boy (Greg Paulus)".  The video instantly went viral and ultimately reached 500,000 views as it was an over-the-top, somewhat foul thrashing of Duke Basketball (truthfully the entity that I hate most on this planet).  We dug up classic, lame images of all of the Dookies and wrote clever lyrics expressing our disgust with this pompous institution and program.

The video quickly became a smash hit on the UNC campus and I was contacted by the General Manager at Hams Restaurant and Bar in Chapel Hill to come back and play a show, all expenses paid during the Final Four weekend.  I was put up in The Siena hotel (one of the nicest in Chapel Hill) and made to feel like a rock star all because of a great viral video.  The Heels won the Semifinal game against Villanova by 14 pts on Saturday night and then destroyed Michigan State by 19pts to win the Championship on Monday night.

All in all I played two shows, one on each night, and was able to share both victories with my closest friends from NC that I don't get to see that often since moving to Los Angeles.  It was truly one of the best weekends of my life.

For those of you interested in seeing the famed "I Kissed A Boy" video, it is still available in poor quality in the dark corners of the web.  I removed it from my YouTube account last year because it had ran its course and accomplished the task of turning a large amount of people onto my music.  It is now Tar Heel folklore...

Onto to 2011.  The Heels are young but have as good a chance as anyone in this wide open field.  I hope Dook loses first round and that Kyle Sinlger remembers the posterizing that Dexter Strickland gave him in the ACC Tournament...