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- Matt Roe of Award-winning company Pellington Films (wich has done music videos for Pearl Jam, U2, Alice in Chains, Public Enemy, Nine Inch Nails, many more) directed three music videos for Jensen's new release, including the new single "After The War (feat. superbeautiful)." Check them out HERE. - Multiple tracks from Forget About the Cameras have been featured in many TV shows and networks, including the Emmy-nominated Friday Night Lights, the Oscar nominated film The Messenger, MTV's smash hit TV shows The City and World of Jenks as well as MTV shows Made, From GS to Gents, and City. You will also find his songs on VH1's Basketball Wives, Nike and Redbull Xtreme Sports commercials , and CBS Sports' Snowboarding/Skiing, SPorts Wakeboarding/Freeskiing, Snowboard Finals.

- Pellington Films just licensed Jensen's Do Your Thing for their new movie I Melt With You featuring Rob Lowe, Jeremy Piven, and Sasha Grey, to be released Fall 2011.