JOURNAL - Behind The Scenes Ridiculousness

I'm excited about the premiere of my latest music video for "Grading On A Curve" in about a week.  Until then, here is a great Behind The Scenes shot and edited by my man Alex Lizotte. We put together pretty much the same team that rocked the "After The War" video including Director Matthew Roe of Pellington Films and Producer Anthony Rullo who makes sure everything runs as smooth as silk.  It looks SICK.

The idea of the video was to make fun of everyone...myself included.  For those that don't know the song, it is basically about going out to a club in Hollywood, getting hammered and going home with a "D-" (played beautifully by Ryan Harry as Betty in a fat suit) rather than an A+...I used to love when professors graded on a curve in college!

No one is off limits...especially the typical douchebags you see at a club and the stoopid "dimepiece" chicks.


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