FREE FEB. SONG - Lights Come On (feat. Lauren Mayhew)

Greetings…I'm proud to release my second FREE new song in 2012 called "Lights Come On (feat. Lauren Mayhew)"

Lauren approached me this past summer with an opportunity to write this song because the NFL was looking for music for their upcoming season.

The version I delivered to the NFL is actually different than this one.  It had two rapping verses that were specifically geared toward stepping up when it matters most in a big game.  Unfortunately they passed on using the song.

Christian Hand (my producing/writing partner) felt it would be a good idea to do another version not aimed at the sports world…and here it is.

Lauren's verse represents the drive and hard work needed to succeed when the lights are the brightest and my verse conveys the darker side of success in the entertainment industry.

Check out Lauren here:

As always, thanks so much for the support and for spreading the word.  The end of March will be here before we know it so stay tuned...

Song Artwork Photo by Maurice Burke